Youth Exchange Report


10th to 17th October 2009


On Saturday, the 10th October we started with our small group of 12 young peoples in the age between 16 and 19 with their leaders Bjoern Schueppen and Michael Laemmer. We leaved our youth center AREA51 at 11.30 pm to go to Ferryhill. We went to the port of Calais were our ferry leaved at 5.40 am to go to Dover.

After a short crossing we started for the next 2700 kilometres (1700 miles) with our two minibuses to drive on the left side. We reached the parish center at 3.00 pm. First we have had a small rest and then we met our host families. After a short time, the ice was broken, because on the trip to Ferryhill the young peoples thought about what kind of situation they would get in Ferryhill. They started intensive talks between the guests and the hosts. The host prepared a rich full buffet and afterward we went to our host families.

On Monday morning we met us at 9.00 am and drove together to York. And the way to York the young peoples exchange their positive experiences of the first night in their host families. We have done a sightseeing coach tour altogether. Afterwards everyone has had time to scout the city on feet. The time was used to go shooping and visit the York Dungeon.

In the evening we went to a pub with a small brewery. Their we stayed for a couples of beer or coke.

On Tuesday there was Liverpool on the schedule. After a four hour trip we visit the Beatles Story. It was very interesting and in any case it´s nice to see, even for a non-Beatles-fan. Their you will get a overview of the beginning and their effects to the pop-scene. Of course for some it was important to visit the most famous Cavern club.

In the late evening we come back in the host families.

On Wednesday we went to Durham, a wonderful city close to Ferryhill. Their we visited the cathedral, where a few movie scenes of Harry Potter films were done. Because it was raining that day (it was the only one) we went to the Europeans largest Shopping mall, the metro centre, in Newcastle. There spent the most part of their money.

That night we have had a party with buffet at the parish centre. There we played games for younger and older ones. In one game we have had to put some costumes on and in the other game they have had to wrap somebody with toilet paper that he looks like a mummy. The oldest ones have had the most fun of all.

In the early Thursday morning we went to the beautiful Edinburgh in Scotland. Here we went on a roundtrip with the sightseeing coach to scout the city.

On Friday we went together to Whittby, a wonderful small harbour village, where some have had fish & chips. We went back early, because we have had to put our things in our luggage.

That night we have had our farewell party, where everyone has had lots of fun.

We realised that one week has pasted through to fast. A lot of  friendships has been made, other were renewed. 

Thanks to all the host families for their kindness and a special thanks to Vicky, Keith and Kevin for organising this wonderful week.

On Saturday we went back to germany.


Written by Michael Laemmer and translated by Bjoern Schueppen.